Autoroute - a trip to the West

This part of Crete has long remained undiscovered. Only a handful of hippies visited the quiet south and populated multiple beaches. Now is the time for these areas  to be discoverd by others.

A trip to the West

The coastal road heads mostly westward and then inland. With the sea constantly in sight you feel as though you are on an island. Plakias is the point where the road enters the mountains, you will soon pass by Rodakino and beyond the beautiful beach of Kastro comes Korakas. It takes a hike to get there, but the walk will be richly rewarded.

The coastal road comes across several small villages where life is lived at a leisurely pace, hardly affected by the one-day visitor. The lush mountain slopes that you have seen so far, are replaced by sparsely vegetated plains with their varying palette of colors, predominantly ocher, a rich yellow, to dark brown.

In Sfakia or Chora Sfakion it is always very busy. The ferries sail from here and the port seems to be bursting at the seams. The boat to and from Agia Roumeli also sails from here, used mostly by hikers visiting the Samaria Gorge as this is the endpoint of the gorge. Of course, it is possible for those wishing to negotiate just part of the gorge to begin here and double back returning to this point. The boat makes a stop en route, at the port town of Loutro which is only accessible by sea or on foot via a trail. The bars and cafeterias do a brisk business here, the tranquil bay and smattering of white houses make the perfect background for a drink or snack.



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