Walking at South-Crete

South-Crete has lots of possibilities for hiking.

The program can be quite advanced, therefore you need to be in fairly good condition, however you will be rewarded with wonderful views and spectacular scenery. An expert guide will lead the way on the 4 hiking days, each walk taking approximately 3 to 4 hours. You will need to be equipped with hiking boots, small backpack, sunglasses, cap/hat and sweater/jacket.

Day 1 Arrival in Crete

Day 2 is a day of rest

Day 3 Kalikrátis Gorge - Kapsódasos

Early in the morning we leave by bus to the eastern part of the White Mountains, the region of Sfakia. We begin our walk from the village of Kalikratis, which stands at 750 m above sea level, and from here we can see our final destination, the village of Kapsodasos. Before setting off we highly recommend you sample some Sfakiani – a delicious pita with honey – a great way to top up your energy levels in preparation for the walk! Descending from the hilltop village we will walk through the Kalikratis Gorge, although only a few kilometers long, it is one of the most impressive southern gorges of Crete. An exciting day ending in the perfect way, the bus collects us at the end of the gorge and brings us to Frangokastello for a well earned refreshing dip in the sea

Day 4 Anopolis - Loutro - Chora Sfakion

The bus today takes us on a beautiful route to Anopolis, a village where it is still quite common to see the locals in traditional dress. After a short coffee break, we begin our walk, heading south along the Cretan coast with beautiful views over the Libyan Sea. Along the way we will see a Venetian Castle and a quaint little church. Arriving at Loutro, we have time for lunch or even a refreshing dip in the Libyan Sea. The name Loutro originates from the greek word for ‘bath’ therefore not surprising that ancients baths are also to be found in this area. Our final part of the walk leads us from Loutro along a seaside trail, the sound of the surf providing relaxing company, until we reach our final destination of Chora Sfakion where the bus will be waiting for us to return to Plakias.

Day 5 is a day of rest

Day 6 Fourfóuras - refuge in Idi Mountains - Fourfóuras

The day begins with a ride through rough mountainous terrain, the winding road allowing fantastic sea views along the way. Our starting point of Fourfouras lies at the foot of the Idi Mountains and we begin our climb up the southern slopes. Our ascent leads us through the tall, regal cypress trees, the higher we climb the wilder the vegetation becomes. If we are lucky, we may even see eagles circling in their search for prey. As there are not many hikers on this route, the flora and fauna are mainly undisturbed. Our goal is the refuge at 1400 meters, from which, after a brief pause we make our way back down, passing through the village of Kouroutes. This village is named after the ‘Kourites’ the people who protected and took care of Zeus when he was in hiding from his father Kronos. He had taken shelter in a cave on the other side of the mountain.

Day 7 Timios Stavros

Today our group will gather in Plakias and begin our walk from here. Passing through Damnoni Amoudi and the ancient olive groves (many of the trees date back to Venetian times!) we make our way up to the village of Lefkogia where we stop for an authentic greek coffee as we mingle with the locals. Proceeding on up the mountain, we arrive at the summit with its stunning views both east and west. Here we have the option of visiting the Timios Stavros church before beginning our descent leading us back to Lefkogia.

Day 8 Transfer
Transfer to airport for departure or to one of our Villas for an extension.


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